Tuesday, March 13, 2012

1 Night, 5 Pizzas

Sometimes I think we're living a normal life.
Sometimes I forget we're different.

About the time I get really comfortable with our life, we have some sort of public engagement that shocks me back into the actual reality.

Sometimes this happens when I'm shopping and I have a freak-out over Boomba reaching for an M&M's package.

To the naive eye I must look like the official National Sugar Enemy.
To the naive eye, I am not a Supermom saving my son from casein contamination. I'm another over protective young mom who is sheltering her child into a social and developmental coma.

Sometimes I am shocked into actual reality as I'm doing our monthly shopping spree. It takes about 3hrs to do this whole process. Even though I buy the same brands and products nearly every month with little fluctuation, it still takes 3 hrs. Allergy Parents need to read every package, every time. If I buy 7 cans of corn, I need to carefully read 7 cans or corn to make sure not one of those pesky guys snuck in from a contaminated distribution facility. The facilities that may or may not contain traces of casein. Companies change their recipes "improving" their already safe products into casein (and other allergen) death traps with no warning. It is up to the Allergy Parent to read, read, read every single product that goes into their cart.

I'm sure, as the above mentioned example, I again look like a paranoid hippy freak who only buys "x,y,z". Thank God for the hippy freaks, by the way, because then at least I have a social affiliation and I'm not the loner freak that doesn't even fit into a category. Even if this category is not mine to fit in.

Sometimes it's a social party we decide to venture to that shocks us into actual reality.
This particular venture is a delicate one. I don't know anyone at walmart or the dollar store and for all I care they can think I'm whatever type of mom or crazy-lady they want. Social parties are a bit different though.

It is here when I am able to see how our "normal" world looks more like a hurricane compared to the greener pastures of the serene environment the rest of the world seemingly offers.

I mean, can you imagine living a life where you could focus your energy into parenting instead of wondering what your kid is going to touch/eat that may send him to the ER? Potlucks. Dinner parties. Birthday cake. Ice cream. Bowling- ha! Bowling. I bet Boomba couldn't even touch those grease deep fat fried bowling balls of contamination doom.

Okay, even to me I'm sounding like the above mentioned crazy woman.

Last night was a wonderful time of fellowship with friends. We watched Rev Fisk's You Tube Channel- in BIG screen, among other things.

And there was even a surprise!

5 pizzas someone generously donated to the evening of fun and theology, among other things.

I have something wonderful to tell you. Boomba ran around like an oblivious 2 year as he should have. Husband and I even took turns sneaking around the corner to indulge in the Casein Pies while the other watched Boomba.
*enter the awkward moment where someone notices you're double washing your hands and mouth afterward*

We had a team of experienced parents looking out for us too. You know, the parents of older kids/teens/young adults that are very eager to love on your child as they reminisce. I'm so thankful for our Boomba's adpot-a-grandparents. As we've always lived long distance from Boomba's actual grandparents, these people are wonderful blessings to us and our son. These people are probably not used to the strict no-touching-tables/contaminated-surfaces allergy rules as we are, but all in all they are very reliable in making sure Boomba remains well entertained and doesn't go running out the door- the "normal" (or what I'd imagine to be "normal") 2 yr old stuff.

We made it through the whole evening without a major accident.
Yes we dosed Benedryl.
Yes we've been feeding Boomba carefully choreographed Gluten Free meals to prepare his body to withstand contamination in preparation.

But thank God we have those tools to make it so we can partake in Social Parties.

I probably spend all too much time thinking about our life and its specifics.
I'm pretty sure if we didn't have a life threatening allergy to deal with, we'd still be struggling with sin and temptation. Jesus was sent for everyone, after all.

When those grass pastures look lush and green I try to count my blessings.

I had a phone date with my best friend today. As we talked and I touched on our lifestyle, I wondered what will happen when our lives intersect again. We plan to resume play dates (in person!) in a few short months, once we are all in the same town again. Since we were last able to do in-person play dates this Allergy Family's lifestyle has changed more than we imagined.
I don't think I'm worried.
Just thinking.

God knows this too.

Dear God,
Please let us know of your providence as we are twisting in this whilpool of a sinful world. Please remind us that no matter what transitions are coming (known and unforeseen) that you are our rock, steady and strong. You are well aware and in conrol, something we cannot relate to. Thank you.