Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Three Meal Chicken

I bought some boneless skinless chicken breasts this week wondering how long they would last.
They were big.
I think there were eight in the package.

We have been traveling a lot. Traveling with Food Allergies. Yikes! As you might imagine that means packing every single meal, snack, and treat, plus more in case we might need more food. I've found I've grown very close to our Thermos containers recently. The kids each have a Funtainer that I have a strict "Only Water" policy in action. I also have a small soup container I've found can keep a nice amount of rice milk cold for cereal or Pro-biotic laced Rice Milk.

Turns out the chicken breasts lasted longer than I imagined!
I baked them all with salt, pepper, and maybe some smoked paprika.
The first meal was simple, it was whole chicken breasts with steamed broccoli and gluten free garlic noodles.

I set one large breast aside and threw it in the fridge for when we would get back from our trip.

I cut the rest into bit sized pieces,. I mixed up the broccoli and the noodles with the chicken to create a noodle dish that was very tasty eaten cold in the car.

We ate this noodle dish for two lunches. (My husband, my 4 year old, and my 1 year old, and myself).

When we returned home I used the remaining breast for lunch. I made salad and gathered everything I could find from the fridge. Peas, Carrots (for everyone except Scoot our 1 year old with a suspected carrot allergy), jalapenos, lettuce, Annie Red Pepper Salad Dressing (read your label!), and warmed, slices of chicken!

Count them! That makes:
1 dinner and 3 lunches for the four of us!

Wanna see?

I made a picture.

I thought you might like a visual.




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