Friday, May 11, 2012

Commercial Win

Grace. Creativity. Poise. Confidence. Matter-of-factly.

These are the attributes I always imagined handling this situation with.
Turns out I'm just glad I didn't cry.

Boomba is 2 1/2 and that means he is old enough to be a recipient of TV ads and commercials. As we watched TV a few nights ago I didn't expect that commercial to be the one that got to him.

I thought for sure it would be the Lego commercial. Or maybe BeyBlades...
Not this.

As I watched the ice cream commercial dreaming of the day I could sneak out of the house and steal an ice cold creamy sweet melt-in-your-mouth treat, I was interrupted.

"Boomba want ice cream!" he said with the specific delight only ice cream can conjure.

Pregnancy Hormones.
Allergy Mom Frustrations.
Just plain caught off guard, maybe.


I have searched the big box stores and health foods stores alike to find an ice cream suitable for Boomba's needs. If it isn't laced with Casein, it has Soy or Coconut in it.

The truth is for my own birthday party in March I made an ice cream alternative. It was the first time we broke the tradition of celebrating my birthday with an ice cream cake. I made Lemonade Ice Tea Sorbet. It was good. It wasn't ice cream, but it was good.

For whatever reason this moment of my son coming to me with a request just got me. So now it's my own personal mission to make my own Rice Milk Ice Cream because tonight we have a Social Event to go to! It's a family friend's birthday celebration and I want Boomba to get his wish: ICE CREAM! If you'd like to read about how our last Social Event went you can click here.

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