Saturday, February 18, 2012

Buy Yahtzee NEW for $5.50!

I told Husband I didn't want to "just sit on the couch for another night."
He took me to Alco.
We looked at card games, we looked at puzzles, we looked at toddler toys.

I Love yahtzee.
They didn't have it.

They did have Yahtzee Replacement Cards for $2.99, though.

I popped them in the cart and wondered if we had any dice at home.

At the checkout the lady asked if we found everything okay, just like always.
I almost said "Yea" just like always, but then I said "No".
It worked! She found me a package of dice for $2.50 and we were set!

Use your own cup and pens and BAM- Yahtzee!

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