Monday, November 7, 2011

Casein Free Chocolate Fudge Topping Recipe

This post was formally known as the "Casein Free Chocolate CHIP Recipe". But after some careful consideration I decided that it wasn't good enough.

This recipe as "chips" are tasty, but other than that- they are MELTY. So melty that they cannot be used in place of Casein Contaminated Chocolate chips. I'm not suggesting using Casein Chips. I'm suggesting a NEW and BETTER recipe! A recipe that will soon be linked to this vary page after a few more "tests" to make sure it's good enough to be on Mom Up or Go Home.
Stay tuned for the link!
Till then, enjoy some FUDGEy goodness!

I was thrilled when I found a recipe for Home Made Chocolate Chips here. Today was my second attempt at the recipe.

To make these into a Casein Free treat, you just have to use Casein Free "butter". I've recently discovered that Parkay Lite is Casein Free! Check the labels for your self, every time to be sure though. I would encourage writing to a company to let them know you appreciate that they are serving your family with an allergy safe product. I would even recommended writing a thank you note to a company that correctly labels their products so you know they are not safe for your family due to allergens. These links lead right to the email format- I did all the work for ya, you just gotta send a note now. Great Value from Wal Mart is VERY good at labeling for allergens.


The first time I made these I used salted Margarine (the only CF "butter" we had) and they were SALTY! This time I used my Parkay Lite and it tasted a lot better.

My only complaint about this recipe is that the chips melt VERY quickly. So quickly they make only "ugly cookies" as the original blogger describes.
I'll take ugly and safe compared to casein chips any day. But why, when you can have a better recipe? Use this as a fudge to pour over desserts! It's sooo good!

Here we go, another stab at

First thing is first- get a double broiler going. This overwhelmed me the first time I made this, but it's EASY! You can put the ingredients into a glass jar and set in it a pot of boiling water. I, however, put a metal mixing bowl on top of a boiling pot of water. This is so your ingredients don't scorch.

Pictured below is Boomba sneaking an early taste. It's also to show that even though it look that way, I didn't fill a casserole dish up to the brim. I lined my casserole pan and it's lid with wax paper and this picture is of the lid, filled with Chocolate Chip Yummy Goodness. The reason I over flowed into the lid? I made a double batch! heheheheeee.
Who's sneaky now?

Because this recipe is best for fudge topping, you could pour the mixture directly into a Tupperware container and set it in the fridge to cool. Store it in the freezer, lidded once cooled completely. If you don't have the patience, your lid might pop as it cools!

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