Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lessons I Never Knew I'd Learn...from a 2 yr old

Okay, so he's 21 months... but 2 is coming rapidly and that's a topic I've spent too much time thinking about recently.

Staying at home with Boomba has been a dream come true and a blessing for sure. I love seeing him develop and learn. He's been picking up new words daily now! I enjoy making scrumptious meals and snacks for Boomba and his daddy. I love snuggling him. I did not expect to love learning from him.

Boomba has taught me to:
Dance every time music plays
Slay every grass monster possible
Motor Boat my lips when board or thinking
Smile when facing trouble
Hug my Mom- she'll like it
Play with my food
Get sand in my diaper---er pants, I mean
Enjoy a bath
Snack- because that is one of the many highlights of the day
Sing along with Sponge Bob
Break-dance even if I don't have the muscle structure
Learn daily
Lay in the grass
Meow at passerby cats
Discover new treasures in the pantry
Trust blindly
Show off, hey they're watching for a reason!
Give a running hug to Daddy
Embrace every entrance into the outdoors like an adventure
Never worry where my food/clothing/needs/wants come(s) from, God provides

Life is an amazing thing. I can remember always wanting to be a mother. A stay at home mother. I knew I wanted to go to college but I couldn't decide on a major because I knew ultimately I would be mothering at home full time if there was any way at all to do so. I married earlier than any of my friends- while still in college. I was pregnant my last year of college. That was so tough. I imagine like many pregnant mothers in college obviously homework and education was hard to think about as there were other things on my mind. I never realized it then, but I was different from my friends. I was never a partier. I had no interest in wasting time in a relationship that wasn't marriage bound- and by that I mean a relationship that was a smart and Christ centered choice.

God had blessed me with one God fearing, kind-hearted, intelligent and handsome husband. God has given me three pregnancies- chances to marvel at the miracle of life. God has given me one amazing baby son who even has a thing or two to teach his mother. I am thrilled with the blessings I have been handed and I trust God will not leave me. He will give me everything I need and then some. I was reading the story of Hannah and Samuel in the Bible today. Hannah has such faith that she gave her only son to be a servant of God, knowing that Samuel had always belonged to her Lord.
Please Lord I pray. Give me such faith.


  1. Thank you for sharing your Christ driven life - I enjoy your openness! God Bless us all, Judy

  2. wonderful post, kayla! thank you for sharing!

  3. I love your list of things learned from your two year old. There's a two year old down the street who likes to have whole conversations with my cats. I enjoy watching it unfold.