Friday, August 19, 2011

One of Those Days

It's been one of those days. Nothing too horrible. Nothing too wonderful. Little things turn big quickly. Potty Training. Pantry Organizing. Mothering. Did I say Pantry Organizing?

I was knee deep -quite literally- in pantry items when Boomba decided to help. I'm usually really receptive to a toddler's help. It thrills me to see the development right before my eyes. Life skills learned in real time. Today, not so much. Huffing and puffing between grunts is all that was coming out of my mouth. And then the boy peed all over the floor. Lord help me.

Let's talk again about Magnetic Fridge Letters. I bought Boomba a whole new set because he kicked all letters except "M", "L", "J", and "V" under our old washer. I had dreams of sitting in a well decorated house on a quaint and comfy sofa with sun beams dancing on our skin as we sorted, spelled, sounded, and blissfully giggled holding these colorful jewels, sticking them on a baking sheet when I threw that dollar store package in the cart. I should have known it then and there.

This is what happened instead:

We have two brooms in our kitchen. Why? Well the house came with one and we brought one with us. But- the real reason is because Boomba loves nothing more than the help sweep delicate items off shelves every time he sees the broom(s). Sometimes he even remembers the broom and goes and fetches it (them). I'm not a good broom hopper. In fact I think there are special magnets that connect my feet and the strewn about broom(s) into a tripping fest. I quite dislike the brooms.

But you know what.
As Boomba sleeps and I maul over the situation that angered me so just a few hours ago I can't help but laugh and see that it is amazing that he wants to help sweep and do anything we are doing. Imitation is the truest form of flattery right? I'm not sure he's seen me sweep enough to be able to imitate me- but I'm going to white knuckle this one and run with it!

Ah the toddler years. I really do love it. I can hardly remember holding Boomba when he was a newborn. He's such a big boy now and he even (upon his own action and with no "permission" from me) removed his diaper and went in the potty this morning! Now that's what I should be focusing on. So why did I just write a whole entry about frustration via brooms and magnetic fridge letters.

Easy answer: sin.

That's why we keep cute pictures to gussy up and remember the good times. Moments of frustration and anger come and go. It's just one of those days.

So now we're ready to Mom Up and continue trudging forth... and maybe a skip or two too.

Welcome to Parent's Club.

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