Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sleeping Snuggle Loves- Every Chance I Get

Every night before bed, like most parents I'd imagine, Husband and I sneak into Boombas room to see him peacefully sleeping. We stand there for a moment, like most parents do I'd imagine, saying a little prayer of a big thanksgiving. Thank you Lord for blessing us with this sweet life of a boy. Thank you for entrusting him to us. Thank you for giving us the strength and making us your tools in this vocation: Parent. It's usually one of us that bites their lip and leans in a bit, looking towards the other. Most recently it was me. I was waiting for the okay, the go ahead. Husband knew exactly what was running through my mind- he had done the same the previous night.

Boomba squirmed. Alright! All forces GO! That's the go ahead that means action!

I smiggled (smiled and giggled) and reached my arms all the way down into the crib to take this boy into my embrace. Ah. That's what this is all about. A Sleeping Snuggle Love.

I love to hold Boomba when he sleeps. Every chance I get. (Which is basically every night). I usually think about it and upright myself convinced I'm not going to succumb -this time. Then I start thinking about how my eldest nephew is starting college. One of my youngest nephews is starting Kindergarten. Boomba is not far behind. I do it now, while I still can. I want to know that every chance I had to snoogle this Boomba I nabbed it. He happens to be an excellent sleeper and so why not?

I don't know if I'm ever going to have a chance like this again so I do it. Every chance I get I steel Sleeping Snuggle Loves.

Probably will do it tonight too.

What a way to end the day.

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