Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Oil Cloth: Re-purposed

I'm very actively working on my kitchen.
I've picked out the pallet of Teal and Yellow, Red as an accent and white base to showcase my prized white dishes.

I stepped into WalMart a few months ago and love-at-first-sighted a huge Better Homes and Garden's Oil Cloth Table cloth. It was perfect! Teal with a white outlined floral! It was perfect! A mere 5 dollar bill and it was mine.

Got it home and it slid all over the table. Boomba would enjoy spending meal times kicking at it until the whole table top was aloof. Into the closet it went. I switched it out for a homey runner that a friend had quilted as wedding gift. I loved the size of this runner but it became dirty very quickly.
The Idea Bulb sounded.
In one time it took boomba to nap he awoke to a re-purposed Oil Cloth table runner and while I was at it, a sewing machine cover too! He didn't care. But I did. Do.

1 Nap Well Spent.

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