Monday, August 22, 2011

Witch Hazel- The Wonder Solution

A few weeks before my Groom's and my wedding, I broke my finger. Just my little pinky. But- it was broken. As I talked to my co-workers, one product that sounded a little crazy kept coming up. Witch Hazel. So I sent my Dad to the store. I had no idea what this stuff was going to look like. It sounded weird and a little too "earthy" to me.

Here's what he brought. It was only 3 or 4 dollars too!

So I soaked the padding on my splint and it alleviated the swelling.

Then came the clickty clacking. All of my friends were mentioning the ways you can use Witch Hazel, like it was common knowledge. This was all new to me! So there I went: Research!

Here are a couple of sites you may find interesting:
15 Wonderful Uses for Witch Hazel
WebMD's Article on Witch Hazel

Currently I'm broken phalanges-free, knock on wood. OUCH! Just kidding! I still have this huge bottle of Witch Hazel that as I type I'm realizing is over 4 years old. Anyway- I still use it. I use it as a toner for my skin at night, you know after I use my best and cheapest make-up remover. It's a great gentle way to get those pores clean. Remember it helps with inflammation too so those pores that are a little red- ZAPPED!

I have noticed there is a bit of an "earthy" (see it is earthy!) smell to it but it's pretty gentle and the positives out weigh the negatives.

Let's not forget that I was sent home with Witch Hazel Hemorrhoid Pads after delivering my sweet-worth-the-three-days-of-labor-and-over-six-hours-of-pushing-Boomba. Did you click on that first link? It taught you about the 15 uses of this wonder solution and another great use is to treat Hemorrhoids.

So there you have it. Witch Hazel- who knew?
No really, did you already know about all of this? Did I miss anything?

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