Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Casein Free BBQ Chicken Pizza + Dough

We've always enjoyed making homemade pizza.

Living Casein Free has made this...."interesting".
We've figured out that a pizza without cheese really isn't pizza. Or is it? Maybe we had to change our thinking. Broaden the horizons.

Challenge: ACCEPTED!

My mom likes all these new-fangled flavors pizzas come. Thank you mom! It was while eating a Not Pepperoni pizza that Husband and I started thinking. Previously we had been making hamburger pizzas without cheese, and that friends, is just wrong. Ew.

We don't even miss the cheese on BBQ Chicken pizza! Here's how we do it. First, the dough! We much prefer yeast dough but because we don't ever know when the urge to make homemade pizza will strike- and we have yet to make a batch of yeast dough to freeze, we stick (get it? "stick"...dough it sticky!!!hehehehe) with NO Milk NO yeast Pizza Dough.

NO Milk NO yeast Pizza Dough
2 Cups Flour
1 tsp Salt
2 tsp Baking Powder
2/3 Cups Water

425 Degrees for 25 minutes or until golden

Knead until workable and spreadable (2 minutes)

On a floured surface roll with a rolling pin in desired thickness and size.

*NOTE* There is a note that we chose to ignore but you can spread 1/4 Cup Vegetable Oil on the crust with your fingers to keep the sauce from soaking in, but we find it makes it mushy and we don't have a problem with soaking sauces.
*NOTE* Make a double batch to give yourself more dough to work with and so you have a bit left over to make a yummy Apple Dessert Pizza!

BBQ Chicken Pizza Topp'ns

Cut up a couple of boneless skinless chicken breasts and cook on a skillet with a small about of safe oil.

I like to add Powdered BBQ Rub seasoning (Pampered Chef makes a yummy one that actually admits to maybe containing traces of Milk, but Boomba seems fine after having it!) I also add Dried Onions, Paprika, Garlic (fresh if possible) and whatever else I can throw in there. I also put some Black Olives in the mix and sliced Mushrooms.

Grab your favorite bottle of BBQ Sauce. We always have Kraft in our pantry- I think because it's constantly on sale. Have you ever tried A&W's BBQ Sauce? That deserves it's own blog entry! Anyway- Brush a generous amount of sauce onto the crust and add your skillet of goodness on top! Drizzle the pizza with a bit more (maybe watered down) BBQ sauce.

Bake at 425 Degrees for about 25 minutes or until cheese is melted crust is golden.

Living Casein Free can be debilitating in the wrong mindset- overwhelming at least! But if you try to think of it as an adventure and a challenge to get creative- it can be very rewarding. I can't tell you how great it is to know Boomba can safely eat these things- and that they are not only safe, but great tasting. I hope he doesn't think about food and associate it with "can't haves" but think of it as "family times together" and "fun" and "tasty".

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  1. Looks delicious. I might have to give this one a try.