Tuesday, October 4, 2011

No-Mess Magnetic Letter Tray

"No-Mess" is a bit liberal. I guess it should really be called "Likely not to end in magnetic letters under the fridge- Magnetic Letter Tray". If you recall Magnetic Letters are a common thread 'round here. If you'd like a visual aid in this recollection click Here and Here.

My friend came to me in the fury of a big move with a pile o' junk asking me to dispose of it since they were moving that morning. In this pile was an old small baking (jelly roll) pan. I looked it over and thought that there had to be a use for it after a good scrub.

Fast forward to current Magnetic Letter frustrations and voila!

Mommy's Day Out this weekend led me to the obvious retreat: Wal-Mart. Come to find out Wal-Mart now has a dollar section over by the party supply stuff! For $1.00 I scored alphabet stickers (amongst other things!) knowing I wanted to create a project that Boomba could learn the letters with. We've been using this baking pan for Magnetic Letter wrangling for a while now, but I added the stickers so Boomba would be able to see the alphabet in the correct order.

We stick all of the letters onto the pan and file it in his bookshelf when not in use.

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