Thursday, October 20, 2011

Quiet Marble Maze

I saw a fantastic idea on none other than recently and had to try it for myself immediatley.

Here's what started it all.

I cut two strips of the blankets and sewed them together wrong sides together- leaving an opening to turn the strip right side out. Then I looped it to create a hangy-hoop.

I took two old receiving blankets, cut them to a handle-able size put the loopy hangy-hoop raw side out and sandwiched between the square. I stitched nearly around the square, wrong sides together. and then turned it right sides out.

I broke a dollar store Mighty Bean to get the ball bearing from inside and dropped it in the opening. (Please don't tell Boomba about the Mighty Bean...)

Now close'r up by top stitching around the whole thing- making sure to stitch the opening beautifully closed.

Now- pay attention to how much room you want to give the marble (ball bearing) and think about what kind of maze-pattern you'd like to forever stitch onto this toy.

I used a checker patterned receiving blanket so I easily was able to keep track of how much room I wanted to leave for the ball. I did straight lines across, leaving a random break in the stitching for the ball to go to the next level. At every start and stop make sure to secure the end by back stitching. Be conscious about the size of the opening too. Get creative! You could use shapes like an apple or anything. You also could pre-draw the stitch patten on before you go all free-hand on it.

See there ya are. In just a few minutes- a Quiet Marble Maze!

The marble is in there, don't let the patterned fabric fool ya. It's there.

Also, excuse my quick and quite skewed cell phone photography (lack of) skill displayed here.

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