Monday, October 17, 2011

Never Too Early: When a Parent Loses a Child

Husband just read aloud this article "Notes from a Dragon Mom" from the New York Times.

Grab a box of tissues for this'n. Emily Rapp writes a blunt and fierce reminder of what our true priorities and goals are as parents. Our goal should not be primarily to raise an award gaining child. Our goal is to love and teach our children. Enjoy the short time we have with them.

I've always feared that Husband and I would lose Boomba. I know if sounds extreme, but I'm also sure this is a fear most parents have. There's been a couple of close calls and he's only on the early side of two. Reading this article is a great shock of perspective.

A food allergy is not a death sentence. Tay-Sachs is. "Food allergies cause approximately 150 to 200 fatalities per year" but when you think about it, that's not that many. With the science of Epi-Pens and antihistamines ranging from creams, oral medications, shots, sprays, and more- even anaphylaxis can be treated in time to save a life.

My strength has always come from two statements of reasoning:

1. It's not a disease.
2. Boomba is God's child, and God wont take him "too early".

When ever anyone dies it's never "too early". People who say that are wrong. God's timing is perfect. Though God's timing and ours is rarely (never) in sync (in the same imaginable range), we know that it is God's timing that is perfect.

Why do we continue to toil in worry when we know God is all powerful and has our best interests in His (PERFECT!) hands?

Lord, please bless the Rapp family and all who are dealing with the sting of death. Please assure us that it is your timing that is perfect, by no means is it ours. Please give us comfort in this, knowing we are all your children and we are but strangers in this place, waiting to return to the perfect home in which you've prepared specifically for us.

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